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Land survey permits understanding the land boundaries. This survey is done to locate & map the corners & boundaries of a land parcel. It can also include the topography of the land, the location of buildings, & other relevant factors. The Survey integrates with DGPS giving improved location accuracy with the help of equipment like total station etc.Location plays an important role in land surveys & one can survey a remote location.

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Property Survey

Urban, Municipal, & Real Estate organization involves in research about a property along with field surveying, mapping, & preparing a report for the same. A property survey is carried out before the start of a construction project, purchasing a property, or financing a home. The due diligence is done to pick the best surveyors, attend surveys & pick the best of the follow-up questions.

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Environmental & Forest Survey

A Forest survey is carried out for study & research to monitor the changing situation of forest & land resources. This data is used by the agencies responsible for sustainable development & environmental protection. The environmental survey helps in understanding the concern level citizens have for the problems like pollution, hazardous substances, & change in climatic conditions. Both environmental & forest surveys cover the topics related to wildlife & land in the forests, flora, & fauna, tree census, poaching of animals & forest-related incidents, environmental-related concerns.

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Agriculture Survey

The agriculture survey has got all the answers. Various agencies are involved in the process of performing the supply chain survey of the crops & their insurance policies. This helps in analyzing the loopholes in the supply chain process & improve upon the same. Also, a survey is carried out for the crop insurance in case the crop fields are damaged by some calamity.

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Geology & Mining Survey

The geological survey involves collecting, archiving, processing, & providing geoscientific information to the government/private/commercial clients. The mining Surveys are used to find out potential mining locations, gather information about mine & tunnel dimensions. Borehole surveying is a major part of the geological survey that involves the procedure of determining the target point & course by a borehole used to record the information thus obtained.

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Archaeological Survey

In the field of archaeology, a field survey is a kind of research through with archeologists collect data about an archaeological site’s location, organization of human culture, & the distribution in terms of area & culture. This plays a vital role in preserving the heritage of a place. This involves collecting accurate data of a location & site mapping to gather every detail & then perform research on the same.

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Health Survey

A Health survey normally involves a measure of risk factors, non-health determinants, & health behaviors. This includes a survey of hospitals, a survey with patients, & a survey about the hospital facilities & amenities available for the patients.

In the current pandemic situation, quarantine facilities need to be surveyed along with surveying areas on certain parameters such as population, spread rate, etc. for setting up of new ones.

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Home & Security Survey

A home security survey is conducted to identify the theft & crime vulnerability of any area. This also helps in determining the level of awareness among the public, their concerns, the security measures taken for their safety, & the satisfaction level among the people. The surveys also identify the security device purchasing habits among the people depending on the area of living.

The survey also covers topics like a crime scene & accident mapping for investigation, hotspot analysis, & study & performing surveys by crime locations.

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Utility Survey

A utility survey is generally performed to locate the Over Ground & underground wires & pipelines to locate gas, power, water, fiber optics, drainage, telecommunications, & sewage so that these services run uninterrupted during any excavation work or building redevelopment work.

This involves careful observation of utilities & the structure of the network installed for their transportation of those particular utilities in an area. This process helps to add assets to the utility network & their uninterrupted operation.

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