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Market survey is the survey research & analysis of the market for a particular product/service which includes the investigation into customer inclinations. A study of various customer capabilities such as investment attributes & buying potential. Market surveys are tools to directly collect feedback from the target audience to understand their characteristics, expectations, & requirements.

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Product survey

The environmental survey helps in understanding the concern level citizens have for the problems like pollution, hazardous substances, & change in climatic conditions. Both environmental & forest surveys cover the topics related to wildlife & land in the forests, flora, & fauna, tree census, poaching of animals & forest-related incidents, environmental-related concerns.

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Customer Survey

The customer satisfaction survey is the answer to this. This survey provides a set of questionnaires especially curated to help businesses understand what their consumers think about products/services, type of customer support, & their brand.

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After sales survey

In the service sector industry, after the delivery of a service/product, the companies make sure that their customers are provided with after-sales services. This survey helps the firms to make sure their consumers are getting the right type of services in the automobile, banking, airline, hospital industry, etc. with no location barrier.

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HR Survey

Employer & Employee coordination is an obligation for a successful organization to build a better workplace & environment. The HR (Human Resources) Survey is carried out to solicit employee opinions on a range of issues like the company’s success in communicating mission to its employees or local issues like quality of the work environment.

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Industry survey

Industry survey is a valuable tool for any enterprise to survey a particular field. These help to gain insight into a particular field, improve your product to meet consumers' needs along with identification of evolving trends. This involves a field survey where data based on statistics on financial activities in the industrial domain are gathered from a sample of selected industrial establishments.

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